100% Africa

Our 100% Africa strategy means that we want to create value for the African continent and go on
to share that value with our clothing in an equitable way with our trading partners. 

For our Going South collection, we prefer working with parties that are based in Africa. Only
when value is brought back into the local economy will it be possible for African economies to develop further. For this collection, we work with a local South African designer, and the products and labels are produced in Africa.

Too often and for too long, the African continent has been used to exploit ideas, raw materials, and labor without proper compensation. To continue to do so would be to deny African economies the opportunity to return the value created through trade to the local economy, with all the detrimental consequences this would have.

To change this and ensure that Africa can benefit equally from a trading relationship, it is
important that African partners are treated equally (at eye level). This has two sides: They deliver quality, and the other side pays a fair price. 

We expect our partners to deliver this quality both in the products or services that are delivered and in the way they are created. Only with a fair remuneration is it possible to create sustainable jobs with trade in fair and healthy working conditions in such a way that it has the least impact on the environment.