Tribal Joy

Our clothing designs are inspired by the rich tribal cultures of the African continent. Africa has over 5,000 different tribes with their own identifiable customs, clothing, and culture. With our clothing, we want to tell a different story about kinship, laughter, and heroism. Africa has something to share with the world, and we are excited to pass this message on.


    Kinship stands for the people you belong to or who accept you. We survive, grow, learn and stay safe through having a community. No one can survive on their own. To overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, we must stay together and remember that we are all united and must care for each other. This brand is a tribute to kinship. Let's tribe together.


    Only when you feel safe can you laugh freely. Only when you are accepted for who you are, without angst, without prejudice, can you share that laugh with others as well. Have a laugh, and let's celebrate togetherness.


    Everyone has the potential to be a hero. This title is not reserved for celebrities only. You are a hero when you care for others, when you try to be kind, when you laugh instead of crumble, and when you bring joy to others. But most of all, you are a hero when you follow your heart and let it speak. Only heroes do that. What matters is you being you. Following your heart takes courage. Show your true colors: Be a Hero.

Our Logo

Our Tribal Joy logo is constructed from the combination of the two elements: the circular globe and the African Baobab tree. The two symbolize the worldview of the brand, which is still rooted in Africa, whilst the tree is a symbolism of kinship, legacy, and African descendants walking and taking spaces throughout the world. The combined icon is also reflective of the many threads that represent people coming together to create this brand, from the cotton-knitted yarns used to the intricate skillset that people contribute.